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EMR systems are not up 100% of the time. Reasons for that include planned maintenance, loss of connectivity or hardware failure. But a down system shouldn’t mean that you can’t see patients or continue to complete administrative office tasks.

We keep you up and running, offering emergency EMR back-up access to your active EMR data when you need it most. Our client-server solution offers an off-line electronic copy of the latest medical record that can be viewed or printed in a user-customized format.

EMR backup and recovery

Physician Practices. Talk to us about becoming a third-party & insurance plan so you have critical EMR data even when the EMR isn’t available.

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EMR Vendors. Refer your clients to us. We can act as a neutral third-party for EMR backup and recovery – ensuring that critical data is available when needed most for continuity of care.

Causes of EMR Downtime

  • Planned Maintenance/Upgrade
  • Hardware Failure
  • Network Outage
  • Disaster (Flood, Fire, Storm)