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Are you at risk? If your healthcare organization has legacy EMR systems up in read-only mode then you may be. Medical record retention requirements require that certain patient data is stored for over 20 years. Maintaining a system for that long may entail access issues, support costs and corruption with an aging operating system and server.

We extract the data from legacy systems, migrate and normalize it in a relational database and make it accessible in an easy-to-use, browser-based viewer for years to come. If that seems simple it’s because that’s how we make it for you. We muscle through the data extract so you get legacy data where you need it, when you need it. If you can Google a search term on the Internet then you can access historical patient data in our EMR archive solution with little to no training.

EMR archive

Physician Practices.Talk to us about your old practice management or EMR system. Learn how we can quickly and affordably decommission those legacy systems while providing access to the health care archive.

health care archive

Hospitals & Health Systems.Ask us to do a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis on what you’re paying in maintenance on your legacy apps versus the cost to archive to a single long-term storage solution. Executing on an aggressive physician acquisition strategy? Ask about our price plans for multiple ambulatory EHR archive.

EHR archive

EHR Vendors.Partner with us. Be the vendor that cares about what happens to the legacy data that doesn’t get converted. Differentiate yourself in the sales process by offering an API to the archived health care data to reduce the cost and complexity of conversions.

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ACOs and HIEs.Partner with us. Offer an EMR archive solution to your provider network so PHI is safeguarded long-term.

When To Archive

  • System Replacement
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Practice Closure/Relocation
  • Provider Retirement/Death

Why To Archive

  • Reduce cost of legacy system
  • Minimize risk of litigation and audit
  • Eliminate data conversion issues
  • Simplify access to historical data
  • Merge data silos

Ways To Archive

  • We host the EMR archive at our data center and you securely access it from any browser-based computer
  • You host the EMR archive locally within a virtual machine (VM) environment

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