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Our Process

Once you become a client, we drive the process to get the job done.


First, we assign a project manager (PM). This is your point person, acting as a liaison between your team and ours.

After reviewing the scope of work, your PM will work with you to build a project plan. The plan will ensure the project is completed on time and on budget with the appropriate resources allocated.

Project Plan

Here are the major milestones for the project plan

Kick Off

The first formal interaction we'll have is a kick-off call. The main purpose of this call is to connect the right resources from both sides to establish and test connectivity.

We'll also review the project plan to approve it for moving forward together.

design & approve

Our business analyst will document your data requirements for the archive. We then go to work on extracting and mapping the data to the specification and configure the application within a validation environment. With iterations and approvals along the way, we will keep you informed on the progress.


Launch includes administrative and end user training. This is typically done by secure video and online training sessions.

A transition to support is made, ensuring that all admins and users know who to contact if they're ever in need of assistance.

After the project plan is closed out, a survey is conducted to ensure your satisfaction.


With an approved project plan in-hand and connectivity established, we move next to retrieving data from the source system.

While data is secured by our technicians, a business analyst will work with you to gather requirements for how the data will map and display.

test & approve

With data loaded, testing and data validation begins. This is a collaborative effort with resources from both of our teams ensuring accuracy.

When we're both satisfied, approvals are gained for data and image displays.

Resource Planning

Here is a summary of suggested resources from each of our teams to ensure a successful project.

From Our Team Vendor Side

Executive Sponsor

Provides overall leadership and direction to the project team.

Project Manager

Oversees the planning, resourcing and execution of each project. Manages all communications and provides routine status updates .

Technical Analyst

Develops the technical strategy for data extraction and migration and leads the technical resources.

Technical Resources

Executes the data extraction, migration and archive.


Provides end-user training.

Account Manager

Manages the relationship long-term.

From Your Team Client Side

Executive Sponsor

Receives updates and communicates to the rest of the leadership team.

Project Manager

Assists with all communication and identification of technical and subject matter experts as necessary.

Technical Resource

Helps to establish connectivity for HHIT to each system.

Subject Matter Experts

Helps to define the archive layout and validates data when complete.

Account Management

Your account manager will ensure a long-term partnership moving forward.


EHR and ERP system replacement is on the rise, and, consolidation in the healthcare market is prevalent. With each new merger or acquisition, it is likely that new legacy systems will need to be decommissioned.

The role of the a account manager is to work with you to inventory, prioritize and schedule future system retirements. A legacy data management strategy will be put in place with the goal of consolidating legacy data silos, eliminating maintenance costs, reducing labor burden and minimizing technical risk across the enterprise.

Your account manager will develop statements of work for new projects and then hand them back off to the project manager when it's time to initiate the work.


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