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How many legacy systems are in your application portfolio? For large healthcare organizations, it is not uncommon to find 30-40 legacy systems acute and ambulatory, clinical and financial — that deliver little value yet account for a substantial maintenance cost.

We can help streamline the application portfolio. The purpose of one of our health data system consulting engagements is to identify options for decommissioning legacy applications while keeping the protected health data accessible for regulatory compliance, research and reporting.

A team of health data consultants will work with IT stakeholders to gather the information necessary, aggregate a set of findings and cross-departmental user requirements and then recommend vendor-neutral retention strategies.

Health Data System Consulting

Hospitals & Health Systems. So focused on your new EHR implementation that addressing the legacy applications just isn’t a priority? Bring us in to jumpstart the process.

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EHR Vendors. Invite us to consult with your enterprise healthcare clients, demonstrating your resourcefulness in bringing the right subject matter experts in when needed.

Physician Practices. Engage with us for an assessment of your legacy IT landscape against your medical record retention policy.

ACOs and HIEs. Schedule us for an engagement with your provider network. The management of their legacy data today will mean easier data mining for you down the road.

Our Engagement Process

Our Engagement Process

Sample Deliverables