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Legal Issues May Lead to EHR Replacement for eClinicalWorks’ Customers

Posted on | June 7, 2017

Recent news of a federal lawsuit against eClinicalWorks (eCW) alleges the company falsified its EHR capabilities pertaining to ‘meaningful use’ program requirements. If you’re a user, now might be an opportune time to replace eCW. The settlement includes provisions that require eCW to assist its customers in making the switch to the products of other competitors, at no charge.

Is athenahealth (or other EMR vendors) up for acquisition?

Posted on | May 24, 2017

With more than 1,000 vendors offering solutions, the $28 billion electronic medical record (EMR) industry is competitive. Recent industry articles with titles like “Is a takeover of athenahealth inevitable?” support the notion that mergers and acquisitions are consolidating the number

Servers in the Attic: Sorting out your Legacy Data Retirement Projects

Posted on | May 11, 2017

As healthcare organizations continue to upgrade to new EMR systems, there are more and more disparate legacy systems hanging around. The focus for many healthcare IT teams is on security, analytics and patient engagement as these areas have emerged as

EHR Conversion Hurdles: Merging Data from Multiple Sources

Posted on | May 10, 2017

Healthcare merger and acquisition activity is prevalent as hospitals and health insurance companies look at growth and alliances to drive success in a post-healthcare-reform world. But with M&A activities come real-world data sharing and conversion problems as it pertains to information systems and electronic medical records (EMRs). Successfully merging data from multiple sources is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood and consistently underestimated problems in health IT today.

Clinical Data Migration – Tips for Keeping Risk, Cost & Timing on Target

Posted on | May 9, 2017

Mergers and acquisitions in US healthcare remain strong for the tenth quarter in a row for the beginning of 2017, reports PricewaterhouseCoopers. With 235 deals reported in the first quarter of 2017, healthcare organizations continue to shift and consolidate. With

Getting the Right Legacy Health Data Governance Team at the Table

Posted on | May 8, 2017

Utilizing a cross-functional Governance Group can help support the long-term legacy data management strategy within your healthcare organization. Overall, while IS may initiate the project for cost and labor burden reductions, the business should play a bigger role in upfront decision-making and data validation of the data it uses.

The Importance of Legacy Data Management for Medical Practices

Posted on | May 5, 2017

A medical practice may risk compliance with record retention requirements when replacing its billing system or electronic medical record (EMR).  In a guest blog for PracticeSuite, a cloud based medical office platform that offers patient-to-pay ambulatory-care workflow automation software and

Five Things to Expect When Archiving Legacy Systems

Posted on | May 4, 2017
legacy EHR ERP system

While the focus of many healthcare systems is likely on the features and benefits that manage data in the go-forward EHR or ERP systems, it is equally as important to focus on the archive that manages legacy patient or employee data that did not get converted. An archive allows providers to decommission the EHR or ERP that got replaced. It provides a long-term, secure repository for all types of information that is required by law to be stored for years to come. Here are five things to expect when archiving…

Health Data Volumes Skyrocket, Legacy Data Archives On the Rise

Posted on | May 3, 2017

The amount of health data is increasing exponentially, which means the amount of historical data is skyrocketing as well. As healthcare IT expectations continue to evolve with Health Information Exchanges (HIE) offering securely stored patient data within a care community, it is smart to put a strong legacy data solution in place that provides similar one-stop access to historical patient records.

EHR Replacement Requires Plan for Legacy Patient Data

Posted on | May 2, 2017
ehr replacement

As healthcare providers move forward with new EHR and other system implementation strategies, it is essential to have an equally solid plan for managing legacy data that often resides in disparate systems.

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