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Legacy EMR Data Extraction, Migration and Storage

And Then There Were Two (Or Three... Or 38)

Let's say you implement a new EMR. There are now multiple systems to manage.
First, there is the new EMR ... and then the old EMR it replaced.

ehr data migration

...and maybe an old financial system
running in read-only format

emr data migration

...and a home health application inherited in an acquisition

EMR storage

...and a “no-longer-supported” employee time tracking system

Let’s face it -- you probably have some legacy system clean-up to do across your IT portfolio.

we help you get that done White Paper

Extraction and EHR Data Migration From Legacy Systems

Most implementations include, at minimum, a demographic conversion from the legacy system. We've extracted demographic, financial and healthcare data from hundreds of ambulatory, acute and ERP systems.

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Compliance & Legacy Health Data Consulting

But what about the rest of the data? HIPAA states that Protected Health Information (PHI) must be retained. Employee records must also be retained. We consult with you on the who, what, when and how of legacy system health data storage, destruction and eDiscovery.

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Archiving & System Decommissioning

To help you avoid the cost and complexity of a full system conversion, we provide legacy ERP and EMR storage so historical records are where you need them when you need them. The legacy EMR system then gets decommissioned and its maintenance cost, risk and burden eliminated.

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An Insurance Plan For Active EHR Data

And what if your new EHR is not up 100% of the time due to upgrades or loss of connectivity? A down system shouldn't mean you can't see patients. We keep you up and running, offering emergency back-up access to your active healthcare data when you need it most.


Data Analysis For ACOs & HIEs

As the care continuum becomes more connected, we also help with healthcare data storage, data integration, interfacing, transactions, exchange, registries and analysis. Bottom Line: tell us what you need. We'll mine both legacy and active data, putting it into the required format.


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